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Counting inventory has never been this FAST, EASY, and ACCURATE
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About TapNGo
tapNgo, like most awesome inventions, was born out of necessity. Our team of industry insiders identified a major flaw in the inventory counting process and sought out to reinvent it. Using cutting edge tools designed to keep ease of use at the top of the list of requirements, our technology marries the physical world to the digital world. Our goal of creating the FASTEST, EASIEST, and MOST ACCURATE counting tool possible was realized by our team of amazing software developers. Our leadership team brings decades of proven successes in the automotive industry with high level experience in running dealership groups across Canada.
Quick and accurate
Counting should be as easy as 1-2-3. Take the paperwork and manual labour out of your counting process.
Easy to train
You and your staff will love the short learning curve and the ease of use of our solution.
Locked Down & Secure
Rest assured your data is completely secured in enterprise grade datacenters.
Powerful reports
Quickly and accurately compare what you have on paper with what you physically counted.
Quick Support
Inventory management is an essential gear for many businesses. Our developers are always here to help.
Issue Tracker
On top of these great features we also include Issue Tracker - our incredibly effective and simple solution to enable a manager to see how the lot is looking. During a daily lot walk, a manager can quickly snap a photo of any issue that requires attention and assign it to be completed. The tasks can then be tracked and marked as completed once they have been addressed.
Why tapNgo?
Our proven solution has drastically reduced costs associated with the inventory counting process. These cost savings were found by reducing the amount of employee hours by up to 80% allowing them to quickly get back to the work they regularly perform. Cost savings are only one of the reasons to choose tapNgo. Another great reason is because the solution is incredibly accurate. Our system virtually eliminates human error that is caused by using pen-and-paper spreadsheets. You will be hard pressed to find an easier counting solution than tapNgo. To perform the physical count simply TAP the SmartTag then GO to the next vehicle.
How It Works 1-2-3
Physical Count
VIN Reports
Read/Write Smart-Tags
Create Issue

About Us


About Us
At team tapNgo, we are 100% dedicated to ensure our solution performs exactly as well as we say it does. This means we have dedicated implementation and training staff standing by ready to help new clients get started. Once the system is up and running, our support staff is capable of providing amazing help as required. We use advanced tools to allow us to communicate and support the device regardless of where it is physically located. Whether your dealership is in British Columbia, Newfoundland, or anywhere else in the world, if you are connected to the internet you're connected to tapNgo.
Technology is only useful when it serves a purpose. We design our technology to solve specific business issues.
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